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    Tibok-Tibok | Carabao-Milk Pudding Recipe

    Tibok-Tibok is a sweet-based pudding of carabao milk, flavored with dayap (lime) rind, topped with latik.  This delicate pudding is so soft, it quivers like a beating heart, thus the name tibok-tibok from “tibok”(tee-BOHK), Tagalog word for heart beat or pulse or, as a verb, to throb. It is often mistaken for maja blanca because tibok-tibok is likewise immaculately white and sprinkled with a generous topping of latik.  But unlike maja blanca which relies on other ingredients like corn to complete its substance, tibok-tibok stands almost solely on carabao milk, the rest of the ingredients are merely supplementary. Tibok-tibokis also reminiscent of the Italian panna cotta—a silky smooth offering made of rich cream and popularly served with a berry, caramel or chocolate.  In fact it is often described…

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    Grand Marnier Christmas Fruitcake Recipe

    Yes, I’ve heard the jokes. Fruitcake is the bane of the holidays—there’s only one in the whole world, and people keep sending it to each other, year after year.  And if you don’t like it, you can actually use it as a doorstop 🙂  People either love fruitcake or hate it; I love it! Surveys show that 38% of people give it away, making it the most popular re-gifted item; another 13% use it as a doorstop, while 9% throw it away; still 28% actually eat it.  Especially if you bake it yourself, Christmas fruitcake is a great gift to bring to your friends or family for their Christmas meal or to…