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    Sizzling Tofu a la Max’s

    Crispy golden cubes of fried tofu in a creamy and savory sauce served in a sizzling plate. This is my take on sizzling tofu aka as tofu sisig, one of Max’s (the house that fried chicken built) most popular offerings, second only to their signature fried chicken. It is so easy to prepare but so impressive to present as an appetizer or bar chow, or as a side dish to, what else but, fried chicken. My husband loved tofu any how it’s cooked. I can’t remember any time that he passed on it. He ate it con gusto, especially in his twilight years when he tried to eat healthier. Our son…

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    Pinoy Pork Barbecue Recipe

    When Filipinos say barbecue, they usually mean charcoal-grilled skewered pork. A favorite party dish—children and adults would welcome a Pinoy pork barbecue anytime. This is one of my regular potluck dish—like today for family reunions and the like. I always make more than enough for lunch—and watch the kids come back for it again and again all throughout the rest of the afternoon. I like to eat it with rice, and a dipping sauce of garlic-vinegar. During my eldest granddaughter’s first trip to the Philippines in 2004, she had just turned 4 and was quite a picky eater. She however loved rice (she could eat it plain), noodles (even the…